Dazzling Deia


Christmas in Mallorca has been beautiful, quiet and deliciously tasteful. The city is dressed in the most understated yet perfect white lights. Palm trees on the Paseo and Stars hung above the fountain in Plaza Reina and a sky full of twinkling stars in Placa Cort.

So Boxing day walking took us to Dazzling Deia. Robert Graves the English Poet is the famous resident from the twentieth century, Chopin lurked in the neighbouring Valldemossa in the previous century. And unfortunately the famous resident today is predictably the wealthy entrepreneur, so many who have second homes in Mallorca. It changes the landscape in a different way. No matter how beautiful and in keeping Richard Branson’s La Residencia is, I couldn’t help but feel it was so unnecessary in such an old, understated, out of the way kind of place, buried deep in the Tramuntana Mountains of Mallorca.

Our hike started as an amble around the village, we took a cappuccino on the terrace of an italian cafe and stared up at the gloriously blue boxing day hue. It wasn’t cold, Nick was in shorts and a tee, although I think I hadn’t chosen well as jeans are decidedly un breathable when it comes to walking.

After the village, we drove down to Cala Deia where we parked the car and walked out along the cliffs. Plenty of people and dogs around and a man in his boat with his top off. Even for Mallorca its December and the weather is markedly mild by anyone’s measure.

Deia 2
Plans were made, started, chopped and finally agreed, before they were changed, rearranged and then decided upon. Lunch at El Bungalow tomorrow, 1330.  But dazzlingly Deia had caught my eye and had made plans within to start this writing business again. To share the absolute beauty of this beauti – full Island that I am lucky enough to call my home.

El Bungalow is on the beach, out past Portixol in a place called Ciudad Jardin, We had Arroz Negro – a black Paella and it was perfect. So very spanish and en la Playa on December 27th.  The blue was following us and we spent the afternoon absorbing the UV and enjoying the outdoors.

So perfect Palma and magical Mallorca, certainly this Christmas has been really very special and the sun shine keeps rolling. I am sure it will break soon. Very soon.

Deia 3

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