I don’t know where I am going with this today. I have words and ideas but they are blocked. Not able to entwine. Not able to sequence and make sense.

I need to vent. Blow off steam. I am not even too sure that this needs to be read. But its written instead. Someone is getting under my skin, invading my space and generally getting all up in my face. This person exasperates me, she changes, she is rude, she thinks that she is still fighting to run with the dudes. She doesn’t understand how if you run with the boys, you let down the girls who work so hard to be noticed to not be ignored.

She looks down her nose at my job, you work in interior, nothing more than a glorified slave I suppose. She’s telling me this not the dudes, she is the one that is judgmental and rude. She has the problem. She is blunt and direct, she gets the wrong end of the stick, the more I write this the more I want to kick.   What happened to a world once so open and free, why did it become so lost and stuck in intensity. What happened to fun?

I tried my best to invite and include. I did all that I could to listen and understand. I came up with ideas to encourage and motivate. But I am met with a brick wall, one that deludes. Its deaf and its dumb, its sluggish and uninspired. It’s thinly veiled by its need to latch on.

Please leave me alone. Please stop criticizing me, please don’t patronize and offend me. Please let me get on. Please respect me and please stop seeing me as a threat. Jeez what a moan.

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