Peace Out

Wow. Am exhausted just worked straight through 14 hours. No sitting down apart from 10 minute car ride. Awesome day. But I have the flu. Trying to hide it. Hide the sweats and the shakes keep the boss happy. It’s working so far. Now all I want to do is sleep. Sleep sometimes when it doesn’t come it’s hard to deal with, when it does you wonder why you thought it might never again.  Compelled to write this not because I need anyone to read it because it’s got to get out of me because it’s haunting me. 

I am pretty shocked, disappointed, disillusioned. Happened because I was bored and flicked through Facebook. Face ache. Face. Not a book. Not even a face. Anyway. So I saw some things today that I don’t understand.  Freedom of speech it’s a very important freedom and it doesn’t I don’t think mean we can just speak freely without thought for our fellow man. Well fundamently that’s what it does mean free to say exactly what I want. 

I guess it’s because of this Palestinian Isreali issue. The issue. It dominates middle eastern politics. 

Nothing detracts from the fact that two entities are engaged in mortal combat. Yes one is considerably disproportionate and will use expansive force to silence it’s enemy but let’s remember this is two. It’s not one.  Peace is what should be sought not side taking. There was a picture on Facebook a beautiful little boy with his peace fingers to the camera his head a mess of stitches and blood. A man commented that this was a look of defiance in the face of the zionists. Could we not alter that. Could that little soul be simply being defiant in the face of life hoping with every inch of his self that he may see a day where he lives in peace.  After all he has his peace fingers on display. Yet the grown ups around him want to make him into an image of war, an emblem of the violent and destructive ways they use to find peace. They don’t want peace they want war they want to prove one or other is better and will not be satisfied until they have got rid of the enemy. 

Our love our empathy it should lie with innocent civilians caught in any conflict, one where they have no control where their lives are governed by war and death. For our part we must concentrate on peace we must protest for peace for an end to war, not an advocation of one side or the other.  Not an excuse to promote yet more racial tension and hatred not an excuse to argue who is right and who is wrong.  Let’s be clear if I have a rocket and am aiming it at you and you have one too and we both fire them at each other there is no winner, there is no just. There is no right. 

Right and wrong are constructs of a hazy line at best at worse they are words used to describe something intangible, something uncomprehendable. Right and wrong are perspectives and depending from what perspective you look at things makes them right or wrong. So rather maybe  we must look at the greater good. Religious beliefs aside taking human life does not add to the greater good.  Religious beliefs.  This is a war dominated by religious beliefs.  Which is unbelievable. Two sides, two religions, two belief systems. Weren’t these dogmas created in order to aid humans to live a better life. Instead the arrogance, ignorance has created leaders who see themselves as better, more good, more deserving, more precious than others.  

All human life is worthy, all is precious.  Just as it is. Equal in the eyes of all. Bound to this earth and hopelessly bound to each other.  Peace is what we need to ask for and most importantly we need to ask for peace, peacefully, defiantly, unequivocally and unanimously.

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