Precious Moments

Full Moon in Scorpio I believe. I met a neighbour on my way home tonight. London has a buzzy summer feeling to it. How wonderful that it doesn’t get dark until nine pm. Anyway my french neighbour and I scared each other half to death by opening the front door to each other, and his reply or the first thing he said to me was “you naughty girl” in a slightly french, slightly sexy accent. Blame it on the moon I think. Bizarre that at a time of fright where a reaction may be an expletive or a yelp at being scared he blurted that out. Just fyi all my nearest and dearest I think I may have met the man who lives above me and has very loud, very outrageous sex. He also plays hopscotch on his bedroom floor in steel toe-capped boots and on occasions likes to throw marbles at the floor right above where my head is on my pillow, oh and hoover in the wee hours. Hash tag to the things we hear in old houses.

And then there was the doodler. I haven’t introduced him yet but I have been thinking about the doodles ever since the brief saturday evening encounter.

He was an odd looking guy who moved his legs to let me pass on the back seat of the bus. I was thinking of that ‘look up from your phone’ poem on fb. And so I did look up from my playlist and over my shoulder and saw the odd looking guy drawing something beautiful, crazy beautiful. And he noticed me watching and I took out my earphones and told him out cool, how intricate, what an amazing space your mind occupies. He said kind of with a stutter that they were merely doodles he did to pass the time. Time on the bus filled by design.

Look up from your phone. Reminders of the crazy and the beautiful in life. I want to remember preciousmoments because it’s the funny seconds I spend with strangers that seem to remind me the most of all the precious things there are around me. I guess that’s welcome to the present. I wasn’t thinking about where I had been or where I was going I was present with the crazies on the bus. I am not sure what it was he was drawing a kind of flamboyant design of flowers and garlands. A pattern and maybe he took them home and sellotaped them to his ceiling but whatever it was it felt like a reflection of a beautiful mind.

I went to Whiteleys Cinema tonight. Fabulous. Waiter service on your lazy boy chair. How to turn what used to be a £5 cinema experience into a £50 one. Anyway the food is great and its lovely and it was especially lovely as it was a girlie film with a girlfriend and Cameron Diaz was ever beautiful, older, maybe a little less crazy but she still rocks. It was a funny film just a shame about the ending if you believe in those endings. Taken with a pinch of salt the ending never matters. As all endings are is beginnings. As I am learning. As I still fight with.

I am really tired I need to sleep not sure how it gets so late so quickly. I have a 5am start tomorrow.

PS I was more than lucky today, I can’t explain the story, it won’t do me any favours, but I was more than lucky and someone watched me today, had my back, and made me remember just how important all this presence is. So thank you, I know who you are xxx

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